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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 23, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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around. the oscar goes to yes, the stars shine in hollywood at the oscars and we have the big winners and the big buzz this morning. hope you have an award winning week. thats for starting it with us. leyla gulen is here and i am eric thomas and meteorologist mike nicco has the weather. >> the weather with the fastest winds is mt. diablo at 60 miles per hour. >> yikes. >> putting a list together, the winds are very high. 23 miles per hour around concord and 33 at fairfield and 24 in novato and 26 in santa rosa and 23 in mountain view. in san francisco we had gusts up to 26 miles per hour. we are nearly 60 at noon, and breezy this afternoon and low-to-mid 60s and when the sun sets we will have calmer conditions and mid-50s. sounds like white knuckle
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driving. >> it is. c.h.p. issued high wind advisories for the bridges and the pass. now, from emeryville camera to the eastern span of the bay bridge you can see it is bouncing but traffic is moving along fine so be careful if you drive high-sided vehicle. here is a look at theory -- richmond and san rafael bridge. traffic is check collecting at the tolls but it is a short drive across the water to the north bay. >> breaking news from the north bay where police are trying to determine if a home invasion robbery is connected to a stand off with officers at a local hospital. amy hollyfield has what you just learned. am amy? >> a system was taken to
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surgery, and the parking slot a crime scene robed off with crime tape trying to figure out what happened. they found one dead man here in the parking lot and one injured man who was taken into the hospital for surgery. this started at a home in santa rosa at 1:00 o'clock this morning. police say the homeowner cape -- came out shooting and hit two. police put out a word to watch out at the local hospitals to watch out for injured men. a sheriff deputy did that and pulled this truck over pulling into the kaiser permanente parking lot. the men did not give up right away. the deputy ended up in a stand off for 30 minutes. a -- the truck. one man gave up, and was taken to the hospital. a second man was dead. a third man was taken to the police department the he was not
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been injured but they will try to talk to him to find out his royal in this. at the homes no one was injured. thank you more breaking news in the south bay police are investigating car fires overnight. >> matt, what is going on >> investigators are on the scene. you can see they are looking through items next to a car that burned. three sedans burned in the shopping center right behind the movie theater off of winchester boulevard. you can see they are holding up the jumper cables and an owner of the vehicle found the jumper cables under the car. they are not hers and the box that holds 9 jump per availables was next to it. they are going through the items to see if they have anything to do with the car igniteing at
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4:23. some of people who washington here live in apartments next door and the firefighters are ifing do grab all of the items as evidence determine exactly what started the fire and they have evidence here at the parking lot that they are committing and this is the lead investigator walking over here with the jumper cables. he continues to try to figure out, exactly what started this fire. three cars again, on fire here and three sedans. we only see one of the owners of a vehicle so i am not sure if the other two people are parked for the apartment complex or work here in this shopping officer but we will follow the story to let you know exactly what is going on here and figure out if the firefighters have figures out what started the fire in campbell. now, turning to hollywood and the oscars this morning hollywood is rolling up the red carpet after the by of the night, the oscars.
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from the sound of lady gaga to personal pleas on social issues the show had it all. bringing it to us is katie marzullo at the heater and we should say not all of the red carpet is 40ed up there is a patch at your feet. >> there is a patch at my feet i would show you again but i am in my flats. this was all red carpet and the scene of my favorite moments which was me passing inches julianne and to paint a picture i had hot rollers in my hair at the time and julianne more had an oscar in her hand and spotted to win and show did win. most predictions proved true last night with "birdman" being the big winner. >> first comes the fashion from epic to elegant from red hot to red leather gloves and "50
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shades of grey" and the star walked the red carpet with her mom, melanie griffith and it seemed sweeped until this exchange during "live from the red carpet." >> she really good. i don't need to see that. >> great. [ blank ] and you can see it. >> yikes. moving on. ♪ improve you ♪ >> neil patrick opened the academy award with magic and music and cameo. >> a lot of laughs throughout. serious moments too, from patricia arquette accepting the best supporting actress oscar. >> we have fought for everyone else's equal rights and it is our time to have wage equality wednesday and for all and equal rights for women in the united states of america.
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>> julianne moore won best actress for "still alice," there is no such thing as best actress. >> for the men j.f.k. sill mops -- j.k. simmons takes home for best supporting and eddie redmayne for "theory of everything." >> you this belongs to all of those people around the world battling a.l.s. and best picture goes to...who gives the son the bitch green card: "birdman" and lady gaga lifing lovely and singing her heart out. ♪ with the sound of music ♪ >> she can really sing right? the oscars are over but there is another big show going on right now and kelly and michael are taping their after oscars federal live beyond the stairs
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and we get to go inside and check it out for ourselves and we will bring you those highlights later in this hour. >> we have established your personal moment walking by steve carell with hot rollers in your hair what about inside the theater? >> i thought neil patrick har was funny i laughed out loud. he shocked me and said funny and sarcastic things and i not he did a great job. >> all right, katie marzullo on 12 seconds' sleep. thank you for joining us. >> still looking fabulous. >> looking f ab. >> what was supposed to be poignant was an uproar on social media, fans of the late comic joan rivers were upset she was
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left off the memorial segment honoring those who have passed an the she was then for the red carpet fashion commentary. no word on why she was not included. >> and katie marzullo mentioned well see her for a back stage look at kelly and michael's oscar show and at 7:00, the entire "good morning america" is in los angeles for everything oscar and kelly and michael at 9:00 5 the theater after "good morning america" and good thing katie is not here, that up do would not stand a chance against the wind. >> we will have to find pictures of matt when his hair was 4" tall. >> you can see how fast the winds are in san francisco at 26 miles per hour and that is the slowest. across the golden gate bridge, 30 miles per hour. the east bay 37 miles per hour and in the mountains 38 on
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hamilton and 60 at mount diabolo. today we stay windy through the morning and in the afternoon we are blessy and mild with 61 to 64 at the coast and 63 to 65 inland and up to 68 around the bay the as we move forward 60s until 70s on thursday and cooler weather is on the way. leyla? >> a bart is recovering from an early problem with 15 to on-minute delay in fremont and millbrae direction because of the equipment problem. if you travel through the north bay, the winds are not so spectacular here and if you travel along 101 southbound moving up to 580 the traffic is building and it is not causing any problems, no delays and at the golden gate bridge from the waldo, you are quite calm and other probablies we have c.h.p. issued high wind advisory including the richmond and the bay bridge and the altamont pass. we have a new accident wit
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problemmed lanes and heavy traffic moving through the pass to live more to dublin. >> our oscar coverage conditions and next call your win, winner j.k. simmons steals the night with his advise to the audience. and giuliani's that nation, the mayor is clarifying controversial comments after saying president obama doesn't love america. >> we have more weather and traffic all morning looking at traffic on 101 in san rafael, we will keep weather and traffic through the entire commercial break.
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>> covering san rafael, south bay, most area, this is abc7 news. >> and a look at eastern span of the bay bridge and it is windy so watch out. wind advisory in place for a few bridges and meteorologist mike nicco will talk about when the winds will dissipate. leyla has the commute. >> google users in vote name are able -- in vietnam are able to access the website after an outage. earlier they saw a message that said "hacked by lizard squad." google confirmed the disruption and stresses that service like gmail were not compromised. lizard squad is claiming responsibility for previous hacks involving sony microsoft, and malaysia airlines. >> former new york city giuliani is backtracking after saying that president obama doesn't love america.
6:15 am
giuliani has penned a new op-ed "my mindness overshad dead my message," but he critiques the language that president obama uses saying that president should do more to tout the exceptionalism of america. recently, big names in the gone have distanced themselves from giuliani over his controversial comments. >> san diego isn't giving up the chargers without a fight. last week the chargeers and raiders announced joint plan to build a stadium in the los angeles area that both would share. san diego city and charger officials met over the weekend and now an advisory committee will present a stadium plan to the team in three months. the stadium can now 50 years old where they now play one of the oldest venues. >> it will cost more to visit disney theme parks with higher prices over the weekend at disney and walt disney and other theme parked run by the disney
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company, admission going from $96 to $99 a day in california and anyone ten or old are it is $105 in florida. the first time prices have surpassed $100. we are own by the walt disney company. >> people are hiring private investigators to check out potential dates. a licensed investigator in the bay area says this. >> i am providing affordable quality dating background check on potential difficulties where you know a little bit about them but you are fearful about taking it the next step further. >> tonight "7 on your side" will follow the private investigator and reveals what she discovers about a woman's potential date. >> back to oscar coverage and j.f.k. victim -- j.k. simmons winning for "whiplash," and he
6:17 am
had advise if i may, call your mom. everyone. i told this to a billion people. call your mom. call your dad. if you have a parent or two alive on this planet, call them. don't text, don't e-mail, call them on the phone tell them you love them and thank them and listen to them for as long as they want to talk to you. thank you. thank you mom and dad. >> simmons was asked, why it was permit to tell the audience and he said, the speech wasn't scripted it just came out. if you saw the movie "juno," he is like that character, an understanding father. >> as parents we all agree with that message, right? don't call the agent call a parent. >> and a good inguy.
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insurance guy. >> the wet has many faces this morning. right now it has winds gusting to 23 american in fairfield and the rest of us around 10 to 20 miles per hour hanging around until 10:00 and these are at the surface, our fastest winds are in the hells and that is where 9 north bay and east bay hills and diabolo range we could get the gusts 4 to 50 miles per hour. as far as temperatures we are 49 in belmont and cooler in redwood city at 46 and wood side is 47 and palo alto is 50 and's step city is 53 and san mateo is 54 and 56 in san bruno and temperatures are the same on or side of the bay headed south bay, los gatos and san jose, 42 and 46 and san ramon 48 and concord is 52 and mill valley is 49. it will be a rough one on the water this morning. be prepared. it will be alcoholy and please
6:19 am
-- it will be choppy and breezy. sung any today. windy. still breezy. not so fast in the afternoon. clear and calmer and colder. the air is so dry. a chance of light showers on saturday. friday and saturday. watching the area of low pressure move away from us with the clockwise flow and the high and counter-clockwise blow and they are so close did each other and so strong that the pressure gradient or difference is why we have the gusty offshore winds and why it is bone wind at 15- to 20-miles per hour through lunch and then drop down to 10 or 20 miles per hour and some areas slow wherever than that and we will be so much cooler with 30 and 40s coming back tonight and low 60s along the coast and low-to-mid and seven-day forecast is warmer
6:20 am
tomorrow, and into wednesday and especially on thursday, we will hit the 70s in man areas and the storm comes in with a chance of a scatter shower from it and saturday and very light and very scattered. >> right now the san mateo bridge, traffic is building across the wart and offer to the peninsula, we have a c.h.p. issued my wind advisory for the san mateo bridge and if you wonder exactly how windy it is this is how windy it is this is matt keller early this morning, you can see the hair is uplifted by the gusts. if you are driving anything that is high sided, be very careful and make sure to pack the hair spray. to the east bay we also have a high wind advisory for the altamont pass and we have an accident at grant line road so the lanes are currently blocked and it is slow. 24 miles per hour pushing in through the pass, and as you exit the pass you are looking at brake lights and it eases through livermore but between
6:21 am
tracy to dublin it is going to take you 15 minutes. >> if you would like to take this a step further you can look at leyla gulen and see what you see on abc7 9. >> she andment have -- she and matt have a fun thing going on with their hair. >> and o.j. prices are going up. >> jennifer aniston falls for jimmy kimmel's school of acting. >> and now weather and traffic during the entire commercial break with a look at the golden gate bridge where traffic is moving fine but when you fall in love, everything is brighter, bolder more intense
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special oscar's "good morning america" at 7:00. >> our ultimate oscar party exclusive back stage access with some of the biggest stars. all the jaw-dropping moments live from house anxious only on "good morning america" right here. a trending topic on the oscar red carpet came from reese witherspoon saying she is tires of being asked about closes and makeup and she talks of "ask her more movement." robin? >> more than just our dresses it is true they are beautiful and we love the artists that make the clothes but this is a grew of weapon 44 nominees this year robin, that are women, and we are so happy to be here and talk about this work we have done. >> this is part of the representation property founded by lieutenant governor newsome's wife would later tweeted a thank
6:25 am
you to witherspoon. >> he had it coming. john travolta cannot live down the mangling of a name from last year at the academy award and now this year she took the stage and it was her turn to introduce john travolta. >> ladies and gentleman please welcome my very dear friendi deserve that. but, you, you might darling, my beautiful, my wickeddedly tall -- talented. >> audit moment resulted in the awkward exchange of face touching and many tweeting, keep your hands to yourself john travolta and he also was spotted being very affectionate with
6:26 am
another actress on the red carpet. >> not enough people were thanking jimmy kimmel or so he thinks. >> as part of the post oscars special he revealed he is the man behind so much of hollywood's talent through his work as the kimmel school of perfect acting. >> an exercise that i call the distrust fall. your job is to fall. fall. fall. i will not catch you. do you trust me? >> yes. >> you shouldn't. i would like you to scream. >> he calls himself the greatest acting teacher the world has ever known credit for jennifer aniston and eddie redmayne and others >> check out leyla's segment on
6:27 am
our website. >> a million guys would have lined up to cash jennifer aniston falling. >> the oscars are over, so what is next? the after parties, of course. we take you inside the exclusive get togethers. >> a mortage bay hospital surrounded by sheriff deputies and the crime that this could be linked to this morning. >> what a man did to a local girl scouts troop selling cookies. >> the wind advisory through 10:00 and we have scattered hers through the weekend. >> traffic at the tank is relatively light and not so gusty as other areas of the bay
6:28 am
area and i tell you if that is impacting the remain can mute when we
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news, the oscars are still exciting out there, right? thanks for join us. i am eric thomas and leyla gulen is alongside and meteorologist mike nicco is checking the weather. >> winds are change a noisy night, debris on the roads and maybe the car and lawn in the east bay and the north bay and the winds are at 23 at fairfield for the fattest and at ten to 24 the rest of us' 500' and you can see the lower will sprays near the bay shore is gusty, also. the 12 hour day planner is mild this morning upper 40s to low 50s and in the upper 50s by noon and breezy and not so wind as at 4:00 low-to-mid 50s and the winds taper and mid-to-upper fists but the forecast could be possible the next couple of
6:31 am
mornings. thanks mike. we will check with leyla gulen. so far, award winning. all the wind out there has not caused a problem on the roads. if you are traveling through the san ramon valley where mike has been seeing the gusty conditions we do not have so much debris cause, any delays just a lot of congestion southbound 680 putting in from pleasant hill to walnut creek but bay bridge toll plaza at continue minutes from san francisco. breaking news in santa rosa where a hospital is surrounded by sheriff deputies following a stand off in the parking lot. the question now is: is it connected to a home invasion? our reporter, amy hollyfield, is gathering new information. yes eric, police in santa rosa are processing two scenes. they are is one, the hospital parking lot at kaiser permanente in santa rosa where they found
6:32 am
two men who were shot. they everyone inside a shot which is right there inside the crime scene and one of the men died. one was taken inside nor surgery. here is video of the other scene, where this all started. police say there was a home invasion at 1:00 o'clock this morning in santa rosa and they say the resident had --. [ inaudible ] the neighboring agencies were told to look out for gunshot victims checking in the hospitals and any that needed medicare. a sheriff deputy stops this truck pulling into kaiser permanente and found the machine inside the vehicle. there was stand off. they did not give up right away but the deputy got an injured man out and got him in the hospital and he discovered a second man inside the truck that was dead. there is a driver. police took the driver to the station for questioning. they are trying to figure out what his role is in all of this.
6:33 am
there are several pieces to fit together and police are busy trying to connect all of the string of evens and see what is related and what exact, happen ed. thank you. we have breaking news from the south bay campbell police are investigating several overnight car fires. >> matt joins us from the scene with the details. matt? >> yes, this is suspicious. arson investigators are trying to determine exactly what started the fires. the 9-1-1 call came after 4:20 this morning three sedans were on fire in the back of the shopping center on winchester and the fire started in the interior of all three vehicles and not in the engine so that makes it suspicious. all the vehicles were severally damaged and a gas cap was off of one of we vehicles and on the grounds and they are look at the possibility someone was stealing gas but that would not be the reason the cars caught first.
6:34 am
scrum per cables were on the ground under one of the vehicles. firefighters found empty beer and wine bottles and respond to a lot of cars here. there is a lot of evidence to be put together to see what led to the fires. there were other car fires in the area over the past several months and investigators do not believe the firefighters are related. firefighters expect to be here the next hour and a half or two hours to figure out what started the fires. when they are done they will impounds the vehicles or release them to the insurance companies. thanks, matt, at 6:34. a man is under arrest for allegedly robbing a girl scout who was soling cookies in san jose. police say yesterday he smashed a cash box from a 10-year old girl selling cookies from members of her trip. he was booked in jail. the money and the cash box were
6:35 am
returned to the girl scout troop. >> this morning, we are talking about hollywood's biggest night and all the winners and the messages they were talking about. >> more on the winers and what is happening coming up but last night celebrities got the golden treatment at the governor's ball with the statues engraved with names and best moore held on to her statute and j.k. simmons was there. opera -- oprah talking about eddie redmayne. >> you could feel the joy. i was watching like ahhh, that is so great to see that kind of joy. >> of course there was the fabulous john legend and champagne with 1,300 parties of
6:36 am
the bubbly. >> and elton john raised money for aids treatment and prevention in his most successful fundraising event on oscar bringing out the big name in entertainment and $45 million has been raised for the elton john aids foundation since the early 1990s. >> oscar coverage continues and next we will check with katie marzullo at the theater with a look at the kelly and michael after oscar special. >> and a shakeup in honda who is leaving of at the airbag
6:37 am
scandal. stay tuned.
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yoplait. with a smooth and creamy taste your whole family loves. don't miss yoplait's exciting new flavors -- creamy caramel and cookies 'n cream. now it is monday, a noisy night in the higher elevations especially in the north bay and east bay hills and diabolo range. the winds will gust to 50 miles per hour until 10:00. if you are headed to the south the rain at grape vine at 4,000 and around 5,000 feet there is snow so winter weather there. we have mid-60s around los angeles and 70 in palm springs and snow in yosemite at 44 and lake tahoe is dry at 37 and 63 with sunshine in chico and sacramento and 60 in monterey.
6:40 am
enjoy. leyla? >> come on, the roads 360, on to the roads you can see traffic on 580 westbound headed into san francisco, we are starting to apply the brakes so a lot of traffic approaching the maze. it looks like eastbound traffic is moving nicely and high wind advisory. on the maps we have a new problem to show you, and this is at berkeley with flashing lights on the bottom of the scene an accident is on the shoulder that is taking on minutes to the commute at 31 points from highway four to the maze. we also have this accident that sounds like it is blocking one lane, southbound 242 at concord avenue. eric and kristen? >> get ready to pay more for orange juice. coming up, we will go to the nasdaq for the money report. >> kelly and michael are in los angeles for the oscar specials and casey katie is at the doll
6:41 am
by -- dolby theater with the inside look. >> san mateo bridge where there is slowing of the traffic and we will check in with leyla for a look at the commute and mike has the weather when we come
6:42 am
6:43 am
>> this morning, "kelly and michael," left new york city for the lights of hollywood for the after oscars special. katie marzullo has a look at the star-studded special. katie? >> i love neil patrick harris. so we go inside kelly and michael and they are interviewing neil patrick harris much he was sweet talk about a lot of work a lost -- lot of
6:44 am
planning and he was sorry he read twitter but he is having a good time. why want to give away the entire segment, obviously, but he had hysterical explanation of the inside baseball information about the "birdman" underwear scene that he did so you will want to watch for that. the crowd loved him and loved kelly and michael and michael is super funny entertaining the crowd during the energy and it got racy and he was joking that they were up all night and they had not had any sleep and they were slaphappy so you are getting "kelly and michael," after dark. they wrap up the show and we interview them so i will ask how the trip to the west coast has been and that is an oscar's wrap for h hope you enjoyed the coverage and thank you for your kind comments on twitter i really, really had a great time in los angeles this weekend.
6:45 am
>> thank you. you did an award winning job. we have asked you about your favorite moments and some of the local ties in the bay area how about your favorite gown. who wore it? >> i would ask you so many i cannot narrow it down and i an sow in aw. how muscle the women are so, everything was so still, the lead actress from "theory of everything," her giant ball gown was gorgeous and i am a huge emma stone continue so her green attire, green down was very beautiful but i cannot narrow it down. so much sparkle and elegance. >> they alled look great, thank you. enjoyed the report. >> we loved your gown, as well. >> you can see "kelly and michael," after the oscars
6:46 am
special at 9:00 right here on abc7. >> "vanity fair," is look at the after party with these pictures from the magazine's instagram page. >> these are some of them and monica lewinsky with a lot of stunning pictures going on here if we can switch to some of them. look at lights, this it is incredible. >> artistic pictures. >> now business news, a management shakeup at monday and oscar win may not be worth as much as you think. jane king has the money report. good morning to you. so much fun watching the show last night and i stayed up for a lot of it. could far this morning markets
6:47 am
are on the defensive with a bunch of retail earnings which is key and the federal reserve testimony today with the dow down 67 and nasdaq trading sightly lower. honda c.e.o. step down as they battles fallout from the series of recalls that have damaged their reputation for quality. he was c.e.o. for six years and the replacement is a respected but little known engineer who has worked in several countries as well as across several departments of the automaker. also, we are keeping an eye on or things as well here, with orange crops in florida and california, the largest producers are hurting. farmers are fighting battles on all fronts in florida on disease and chilly weather and in california they are 60's the at dock rotting because the port workers were on strike. the countries crop could be
6:48 am
smaller than than expected. >> and oscar does not necessarily mean a lot of money, with the biggest jump after the nomination with 99 percent of "american sniper," happened after the whom nation in mid- january. thank you, jane. now the up dos and gowns blowing in the winds of the bay area. >> a lot of wind. noisy for some of us last night as the branches were. coming down and garbage cans blowing over. it is a messy the advisory is above 1,000 feet in the north bay and east bay hills where you find the fastest wind faster than severe thunderstorm criteria.
6:49 am
blackhawk inland east bay is 37 miles per hour. at 800', golden gate bridge at 30 miles per hour and san francisco right now at 26 miles per hour. it has brought dry air into our neighbors and you can see the single digit dew points in santa rosa and petaluma that is what the temperature would have to cool to for the air to be saturated and fog to form, here it would be freezing fog because it is below 32 degrees. it gives you an idea how much combed it is. we will not have fog and we will not be in the 40s and 50s, knits and 40s. in bart and pittsburg and walnut creek and dublin/pleasanton, 49. and 47 in fremont for the school spot. everyone else in the low-to-mid 50s much the golden gate bridge with the northeast cross wind this morning, it is clear. today it will be a gorgeous day to take pictures, the air will be as clean as it will be, and
6:50 am
moving forward so sunny and you can put up the wind it will be breezy this afternoon and it will slow down. clear. calm. much cooler tonight. light showers. that is possible friday and saturday. the low pressure to the south and the high pressure to the north and tight rush gradient of miles gusty wind with the pressure difference so extreme. you can watch the winds as we head throughout the day and we drop to 15- to 25-at noon and ten or 20 as we head into overnight hours and temperatures today are mainly low-to-mid 60 until oakland and then tonights check out the mid-30s and the north bay valley inland east bay valley and upper 30s palo alto and san jose everyone else in the 40s. the seven-day forecast is rebounding nicely tomorrow with sunshine and the dry air and the temperatures are warmer with a few high clouds on wednesday and warmest on thursday, with 60s to 70s and the cool air mass with a chance of a scattered shower friday and saturday. leyla gulen?
6:51 am
>> we are checking our mobile 360 on the roads and waiting to get through the toll plaza so westbound direction, the lites in the distance away from meter lights. eastbound traffic is moving without problems but there is a high wind advisory issued by c.h.p. so when you get to the bridge you will feel a gusty condition. keep both hands on the whale especially -- on the wheel especially if you drive high-sided vehicles. before you get to the holes you can see how traffic is slow as it rounds up to 580 and off to the side of scene, on the lower right hand portion you could see flashing lights and that is c.h.p. because of an early fender ben december that was -- fender bender and that gets you from highway 4 to the maze. now, speaking of 680 and
6:52 am
highway 4 pulling away from highway four southbound on 240 law concord we have a lane blocked and it is slow going to pleasant hill. >> we are back with seven things to know before you go. >> first a look at the riff monday -- richmond-san rafael toll plaza with traffic through the entire commercial break so you do not miss a ♪ ♪ with 5 perfectly
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>> it is 6:53 and look, at the bay bridge toll plaza approach and traffic is stacking up. it is a clear day. beautiful. windy. >> whether you are just joining us or head out the door here seven things to know: breaking news from santa rosa, a man is dead and another is hospitalized after a stand off with police in the parking lot of kaiser permanente. the suspects may have been shot by a home owner during an early home invasion. police are trying to confirm that. arson investigators are looking into three car fires in campbell, three sedans were found on fire behind the campbell shopping center on winchester at 4:30 this morning. investigators are culling the fires suspicious. >> check out the areas in yellow the north bay mountains a wind advisory at me to 50 miles per
6:55 am
hour with no trees or power lines down. the ferry ride is 25 to 35 miles per hour wind and a rough bay for the morning hours. as we head into the afternoon, still breezy and temperatures in the 60s. >> we are not hearing of delays on our ferry ride but as we take a look at four, this and certainly slow as you pull in from berkeley at 36 and 40 minutes from highway 4 up to the maze and we will have very heavy traffic over the san mateo bridge, a high wind advisory is issued so keep both hands on the wheel and drive safely. >> south bay man is under arrest for robbing a girl scout who was selling cookies in san jose. police say he snatched a cash box from a 10-year old girl who was selling cookie at safeway girl. police arrested him and returned the cookie and the money to the girl scouts. >> dock workers are back on the
6:56 am
job after a dispute over practice times that led to a work stoppage. the ports are bursting with cargo because of labor dispute. >> stars are waking up oscar winnerring include j.k. simmons and patricia arquette, and eddie redmayne and julianne moore and "birdman" won for best picture. >> we have much more on the oscars on twitter at twitter@abc7newsbayarea and use news.comeverything on on on and the after parties action. >> we thank our viewers for joining us and we online. >> thank you, katie marzullo for being a trooper and joining us this morning. stay tuned.
6:57 am
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♪ good morning, america. and the oscar goes to -- >> "birdman." >> "birdman." >> "birdman" flies away with best picture in an emotional night in hollywood. >> it's our time to have wage equality once and for all, and equal rights for women in the united states of america. >> patricia arquette's passionate speech and a powerful moment for "glory." >> on a night filled with surprises -- and only "gma" was everywhere from the red carpet and exclusively backstage with the big winners, one-on-one. >> it's still a surprise, it's still a pretty big deal. >> the interviews you can only see here seconds after the winners stepped off the stage on hollywood's biggest night!


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